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Filling Grains

Filling Grains


1. High purity, high strength,high temperature resistant,high wear-resistance

2. Excellent compression resistance

3. Lower water absorption

4. Stable chemical performance

5. Good corrosion of acid and alkali

Product Details

Features of composite ceramic wear-resistant lining:


1.Good Impact resistance. Alumina wear-resistant ceramic liner rubber has good cushioning properties, which can cushion the impact caused by ore falling from a high altitude.And the wear-resistant ceramic liner has abrasion resistance because the main raw material of the product is alumina , But the toughness is insufficient. When the impact reaches a certain level, wear-resistant ceramic rubber composite board must be selected


2, Convenient construction and easy installation.There is no gap after the liner is installed. Rubber composite liner can be twisted and cut, suitable for installing various special-shaped equipment


3. Non-sticking and non-blocking. Due to the high strength and corrosion resistance of ceramics, it can greatly solve the phenomenon of equipment sticking and blocking.


4. It has strong wear resistance, impact resistance and corrosion resistance. Rubber elastomer has excellent damping effect, which can reduce the noise generated during material transportation


5. The density is lower than that of steel plate, the weight is lighter, and because of its high wear resistance, it does not need to be replaced frequently, which can save a lot of time.


Generally, wear-resistant linings can be used as round surface or corners. In short, composite  lining is a more practical industrial wear-resistant material.

wear-resistant liner.JPG

Application: Widely used in aluminum filter furnaces as  fillers.

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