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Filling Grains

Filling Grains


1. High purity, high strength,high temperature resistant,high wear-resistance

2. Excellent compression resistance

3. Lower water absorption

4. Stable chemical performance

5. Good corrosion of acid and alkali

Product Details

ZTA ceramic  tile means ZTA zirconia toughened alumina tile. It mainly includes ceramic tiles bricks plates blocks, Al2O3+ZrO2 Ceramic Tile, Lining Brick, Hex tile and ZTA Ceramic Tile. We also made ZTA crucible, ZTA plate, ZTA liner and ZTA rod too.



Zirconia Toughened Alumina Ceramics also named ZTA ceramics, zirconium oxide ceramics, which is white, corrosion resistance, chemical stability,a special combination of aluminum oxide and 10-30% zirconium oxide. Zawa Ceramics technicians mix high purity alumina with zirconia by the process of transformation toughening,making composite ceramic liner more tougher,harder,wear resistance over alumina alone,and lower cost than zirconia.



The main advantage of Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) is the additional strength and toughness over alumina with a lower cost than zirconia.


The combination of aluminum oxide and 10-20% zirconium oxide provides a much higher strength, toughness, hardness and wear resistance than alumina alone.


The 20-30% increase in strength often provides the design criteria needed at a much lower cost than using zirconia.


A process called transformation toughening is the phenomenon that increases the fracture toughness of ZTA. When placed under stress, the zirconia particles change their crystal structure from a tetragonal to a monoclinic structure, causing a volume expansion that compresses the surrounding crack in the alumina matrix.


ZTA should be considered for any application where structural strength is needed that exceeds the standard alumina properties.



Features & Benefits of ZTA ceramic tile


Polishes to a smooth glassy surface – zero friction against minerals. 

Provide the highest protection against abrasion and corrosion. 

Easily installed, maintained and replaced. 

Suitable for wet and dry processing applications. 

Wear protection up to 400°C.

ZTA cermaic tile4.jpg

Application: Widely used in aluminum filter furnaces as  fillers.

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