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Filling Grains

Filling Grains


1. High purity, high strength,high temperature resistant,high wear-resistance

2. Excellent compression resistance

3. Lower water absorption

4. Stable chemical performance

5. Good corrosion of acid and alkali

Product Details

Grinding ceramic balls have the advantages of high hardness, high bulk density, corrosion resistance, etc., and their crushing efficiency and wear resistance are much better than ordinary balls or natural pebbles.

Grinding ceramic balls are grinding bodies used in fine grinding equipment such as ball mills, pot mills, and vibration mills.
They are widely used in ceramics, glass, enamel, pigments, chemical industries and other industries

Zibo Zawa New Material Co., Ltd located in Zibo high-tech development zone in Shandong province. It is a professional manufacturer and exporter of alumina ceramic balls, alumina ceramic tiles, alumina chemical filling balls, alumina rubber composite plates and zirconium aluminum composite materials. The main products include filling balls, grinding balls, alumina plates, wear-resistant tiles, tubes and various special wear-resistant parts, etc. The annual output reaches 6,000 tons.


Application: Widely used in aluminum filter furnaces as  fillers.

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