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Application of Zirconia Ceramic Plate

09.13, 2023

Due to the excellent functional characteristics of zirconia ceramics such as insulation, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and low thermal conductivity, 

many industries use zirconia ceramics as insulation parts, insulation parts, wear-resistant parts, and so on. Used in industries, electronic power, and mechanical

 equipment. What are the applications of zirconia ceramic plates?

Application of zirconia ceramic plates:

1. Due to the application of anti magnetic performance in demagnetization equipment, precision instruments, and other fields

2. Due to its high temperature resistance, it is applied in high-temperature equipment such as plastics, steel, and furnaces

3. Due to the application of electrical insulation performance in various power equipment, electroplating equipment, and electronic equipment that require insulation

4. Due to its low corrosion resistance and thermal conductivity, it is widely used in chemical machinery, shipbuilding, medical machinery ceramics, etc

5. Due to poor high-speed and thermal conductivity, it is used in high-speed spindles and other height devices with a speed of 12000 to 7500/minute

There are still many places where spare parts processed with zirconia ceramics can be applied, and its application is very extensive, which depends entirely on 

the excellent performance of zirconia ceramics。

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