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Filling Grains

Filling Grains


1. High purity, high strength,high temperature resistant,high wear-resistance

2. Excellent compression resistance

3. Lower water absorption

4. Stable chemical performance

5. Good corrosion of acid and alkali

Product Details

Wear Resistant Alumina Ceramic

Alumina wear-resistant lining brick, can be used This product adopts the structure of mutual pressure + welding fixed, which completely solves the problem of the falling off of the ceramic lining of the pipeline lining, and can ensure that the lining ceramic piece will never fall off under normal use environment.for glaze, ceramic tile body grinding. The product has the characteristics of high hardness, high density, low wear, good regularity and corrosion resistance. It can effectively improve grinding efficiency, reduce grinding cost and reduce product pollution.


1. The alumina lining brick should be composed of high-quality alumina with high purity, which greatly reduces the pollution to the grinding materials;
2. Good wear resistance, wear resistance is 266 times that of manganese steel, effectively prolonging the service life of the equipment;
3. The slurry is finely milled with high-alumina balls;
4, corrosion resistance, high density, high mechanical strength and other characteristics.

Alumina ceramics have better wear resistance than metal materials and are easy to install. It has been widely used in material conveying equipment in iron and steel, thermoelectricity, cement, coal, mining, port, chemical industry and other industries; Hopper, pipe, elbow, valve, fan blade, chute, ball mill, feeder, powder concentrator, ball mill and other anti-wear working conditions. Various types of alumina flat lining plate and lining brick; Arc and conical lining plates and special-shaped products designed and produced according to customer needs.

Product Features:
High hardness,Super abrasion-resistance,Excellent compact resistance,Corrosion resistance ,Regular and smooth shape,High stability,easy to handle.It can be applied in all kind of industrial wear areas.

Application Field:
Wear resistant ceramic lining are widely used in hoppers,Rubber elts,Pipes,Elbows,Valves, Fan blades,Chutes,Ball mills,Feeders,Bunkers and other processing equipment of the Steel,Thermal power,Cement,Coal,Mine,Port chemical industry and so on.


Application: Widely used in aluminum filter furnaces as  fillers.

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